5 Free Things You Can Do This Weekend in Toronto

Take a little spending break


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Sometimes it seems like you can't leave your house without owing somebody some amount of money. All your friends want to go out drinking, get coffee, see movies. It adds up! Take a spend-free weekend and try some of these five free activities in TO!

Harbourfront Centre

If you grew up in Toronto or you've lived here for a while then you've definitely been to the Harbourfront Centre a handful of times—or a dozen handfuls. But probably not recently! It's easy to forget about nice parts of the place we live, because they're always there. Go for a nice walk along the boardwalk and look at the beautiful city skyline!

St. Lawrence Market

Okay, so you probably won't find anything at St. Lawrence Market that is actually free. But you can enjoy the atmosphere without making any purchases! It's always a bustling place, full of sights and smells and people! 
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Kensington Market

There's always something interesting going on in Kensington Market. You can browse the eclectic shops, walk through a nearby park, or just people watch and catch sight of some of Toronto's coolest and most one of a kind styles!Credit: Warriorslave

Bata Shoe Museum

Did you know that admission to the Bata Shoe Museum is free? Okay, here's the catch—you have to be a member, or as they call it a "friend of the BSM." But chances are you know someone who is. Every member gets two free guest passes. See if you can snag one and browse footwear from all over history!
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Yonge & Dundas Square

Have you noticed that there's pretty much always some event happening at Y&D square? Probably, but have you ever stopped to check it out? The city holds free performances and events at the square all the time. Plus, it seems like there's usually companies handing out free samples of food and drink products. Stop by and see what's happening this weekend!Credit: Wikipedia


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