3 Cool Night Classes at U of T

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Writing Short Fiction: Introduction

Ever thought about trying your hand at creative writing? They say everyone has a story in them. This class is a great introduction to the basics of fiction writing. Everyone will be just starting out, so there's no pressure. Plus you'll have a supportive group of readers giving you feedback on your work! It's a small taste of the life of a writer.

Embodying the Qualities of Mindfulness

More and more people are understanding the benefits of mindfulness in their everyday lives. If you've ever talked to a professional about your anxiety, then you've probably heard the term come up. Learn about your own life and motivations, and how you can incorporate mindfulness into your routine. These are skills you'll carry with you forever!

The Facts of Life About Your Finances

So, let's face it. The education system completely neglects to teach kids about something so important—money. I don't know about you, but when I moved away from home, dealing with finances wasn't exactly intuitive. Take this beginner course and learn some of the basics you should have learned a long time ago! It's super helpful.


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