5 Ways to Make Beer Money in Toronto

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Money getting a little tight lately? If you need just a little boost to be able to cover your plans this weekend, there are some quick ways to get some cash. Try these before you resort to mooching off that one friend who's a little too generous. 

Craigslist Sales

There's no doubt you've got some stuff lying around that you don't care about anymore, and someone on the internet definitely wants it. You can sell bike parts, musical equipment, even broken stuff that someone else is down to fix. Dig through your closet and see what might be worth a few bucks!

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Use a Facebook Group

There are lots of great Facebook groups for selling stuff. It's a little more personal than Craigslist since you can see someone's profile before you meet up. Some of the groups are really specific, too, so you can find your niche! Just search "sell" in groups and keep it local. There are groups for selling clothes, unused makeup, and even services like haircuts and bike fixes!

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James McTamney Pawn Shop

It might seem like pawn shops are a thing of the past, but it's still a great option if you've got some valuables that you'd rather turn into cash! James McTamney's is a great, fair pawn shop to try!

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Low Key Ticket Scalper

I'm not suggesting you get into scalping in a big way. But pick one or two events that you think are going to sell out, and buy a handful of tickets. You'll definitely be able to sell them, but there isn't as much of a risk as if you're doing this on the regular. 

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Take Some Change to Coin Star

Okay so this isn't technically "making"  money. But if you've lived in your place for a while, then you've definitely got coins in every nook and cranny. Collect up all your small change and get it counted at a Coin Star! They have them in grocery stores all over, and you'll be surprised by how much all of that change amounts to. 

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