5 Summer Jobs You've Had if You've Ever Been a Student In Toronto

If you didn’t work here, at least one of your friends did


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Okay, so maybe they’re not all so bad, but if you grew up in Toronto, or have ever spent your summers in the city, you’ve most likely held at least one of these jobs. Even likelier still is that you and your friends cycled through the jobs on this list, each year thinking, “next summer I’m gonna work THERE”. But then summer rolls around and it’s hard enough to get a part-time job anywhere while you’re competing with every other student in the city. Here are the token summer jobs that every student in Toronto has held at some point.

Toronto Parks and Rec

If you were lucky (and had your NLS), you had a sweet ass job as a lifeguard. Maybe you were mega-elite and got an ultra-coveted lifeguarding position at an outdoor pool, OR if a fairy came and blessed your cradle as a babe- THE BEACH- and if so, seventeen year-old me would have been shaking my fist at you. If you were less lucky, you maybe worked as a wading pool attendant and had to deal with… “bathroom accidents”. But either way, those Toronto Parks and Rec jobs were like GOLD for those of us who applied every year and never got called.

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Student Painting

I’m pretty sure a handful of these companies were legit pyramid scams for a while. I remember doing an unpaid trial over a couple weekends in Scarborough- to see if I was fit to handle a paint roller. I spent like 20 hours painting the “team leader’s” grandparents' house with a bunch of other kids and then did not make the final paint crew cut. But some people earn actual money from this I'm told. 

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Everybody dreams of a job outdoors in the summer. Better still if you can do some good for charity. I guess thats why some students are drawn to canvassing for charity in busy areas of downtown over the summer. This is probably one of the more rewarding part-time jobs you could have had as a student, but oh man, you get some horror stories too. 

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Camp counsellor

There was always a handful of kids in your friend group who ghosted for the entire summer to go work at their camp up North. They always came back looking sickeningly bronzed, had all these great stories about their “camp friends” and basically led an all around double life. If they were especially rude they’d send you a post card that you could look at while you struggled through your shift at No Frills of something. 

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The Yacht Club

It felt like every year I had at least three friends who worked at the yacht club in some capacity. They’d roll up to parties super late because they’d had to stay late cleaning up after dinner service or private event, or maybe even catching the ferry from the Island in some cases. 

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