Three Amazing Vegan Restaurants on The Danforth

It’s veggie time!


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Toronto as a city, and particularly the area around The Danforth, has a healthy vegetarian and vegan food scene going on these days. Even so, people with vegan and vegetarian diets often have to make certain compromises when it comes to picking a place to eat or ordering, finding themselves having to resort to the same kind of items repeatedly, or having to eat stripped-back or modified versions of other meals. Not so at these restaurants, where vegetarians and vegans will experience wonderful dining experiences!

Green Earth - 385 Broadview Avenue

Green Earth say their goal is to show their customers how hearty, healthy, and exciting vegan food can be, and they certainly accomplish that. They’ve got filling, flavor-packed dishes from various culinary styles and traditions. Especially good are their burritos and chick-un burger.

The Big Carrot - 348 Danforth Avenue

The Big Carrot is a grocery store more than it is a restaurant, but they have a dine-in area with healthy, delicious pre-prepared foods. There is also a juice bar, as well as vegan bakery items you can buy, making The Big Carrot a great place to grab something to eat on the go. Credit: blogTO

Maha’s - 226 Greenwood Avenue

Maha’s is a tiny little restaurant and cafe that is usually pretty busy but worth the wait. They have a delicious date grilled cheese, as well as a bunch of traditional Egyptian dishes that you’ve got to try.
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