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Having a go-to pho restaurant is a great feeling, because pho can warm you up on a cold day and it’s usually relatively inexpensive but still filling. Over recent years, it could be argued that ramen has overtaken pho as Toronto’s favourite soup, but the fact of the matter is that there are tons of places serving extremely good pho in Toronto.

This is especially true in The Junction: home to some of Toronto’s best pho, like these four restaurants.

1. Pho Linh - 1156 College Street W

Pho Linh is generous with the greens, the meat is delicious, and the broth isnt too salty, so you wont be feeling insanely thirsty after. The service is quick, the prices are fair, and the noodles are great. What more can one ask for?

2. Pho Huong - 394 Pacific Avenue

Pho Huong, like Pho Linh, has been around for a while and has become known for its reliably good pho and good prices.

3. Pho Tien Tanh - 57 Ossington Avenue

A typical hole in the wall type spot, Pho Tien Tanh has three different sizes of delicious pho. Your soup will arrive quickly, the broth is top notch, and the meat is well cooked.

4. St. Clair Banh Cuon Pho Ga - 1772 Saint Clair Avenue W

Honestly, the name is a bit of a mouthful, and luckily so is the pho. These guys serve up a very authentic seeming pho experience, as well as good rice rolls. The Pho Ga is particularly good here.


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